Get the Massage Your Body Is Aching For

Visit a massage therapist in Greeley, CO

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your body is to get a deep, relaxing massage. No matter what's hurting, a massage therapist at Sweet Be Wellness can help. Our experts are specially trained to find and relieve pain around the body. After just a few sessions, you'll feel like a whole new person.

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Body Treatments

Back Treatment

50 minutes | $100

Dry skin? Breakouts? Your back needs TLC too! This treatment is designed to exfoliate, clean pores, and replenish the neglected skin on your back. Includes light massage. Add chemical peel for $35 and up.

Body Contouring Wrap

90 minutes | $100
Series of 3 | $270
Series of 6 (recommended) | $510

No water weight lost with these detoxing, cellulite reducing, firming treatments. We scrub dead skin from the body with an invigorating scrub, then apply a niacin cream to increase circulation. Following the "wrapping" of the body, you are invited to relax in a warm spa bed. Fat cells are squeezed of toxins that contribute to cellulite. Once released from the wrap, drinking water will flush the toxins from the body.

Total Body Detox


Includes 1 Body Contouring Wrap and 4 LED Light Therapy Bed sessions for increased circulation and detox.


Full Body Massage/ Swedish

30 Minutes | $35
1 Hour $70
1 ½ Hours | $100
2 Hours | $130

Covers the entire body including head, face, chest, arms, legs, stomach, back and gluteals. This massage has flexibility to focus on particular areas of tension during the massage, or to avoid areas that the client prefers to have left alone.

Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes | $95 and up

This deeply relaxing, soothing massage uses hot stones to melt tight muscles

Prenatal Massage

1 hour | $70
1 ½ Hours $100
2 Hours | $130

Raindrop Therapy

1 ½ Hours | $115
2 Hours | $145

Spinal detoxifying treatment using 7 essential oils with hot compress and full body massage. Aids in detoxifying spine & muscles giving a deeper release for the muscle tissue & back.


60 minutes | $95
1 ½ Hours | $125
2 Hours | $155
Add on to any massage for | $20

Vacuum formed by cupping will draw up stagnant blood to surface for the lymphatic system and expels toxins from the body.